Architect's Office

New York, NY
Assemblies of Basic Materials in Loft Enhance Architects’ Workspace

In 1999, three established architects decided to merge their individual practices into one mid-size firm.  The partners needed to find a way to design a space that would simultaneously satisfy the requirements of a growing new practice and breathe life into the next stage of their careers.

The industrial loft needed 30 workstations, an extensive technical library, storage, production areas and meeting spaces.  The design created a lively, collaborative working environment while providing for private endeavors.  Slotted cleanly into a tall industrial space, the L- shaped layout is bisected by a line of existing cast-iron Corinthian columns.  A long freestanding wall, set parallel with the line of columns, demarcates entrance and support spaces from more general working areas.  Individual workstations are clustered together in four- to five-person pods, strung along a row of north-facing windows.  The space between the workstations and dividing wall becomes a processional gallery, leading to a large conference room at the elbow between the two wings.  On the other side of the wall are the practice’s library, production areas, and various utility rooms.  Partners’ offices are organized behind a corrugated screen of shimmering clear plastic panels that runs perpendicular to the main dividing wall.

Photography / Paul Warchol