Craftsman Bungalow

North Bennington, VT
Exposed Steel and Wood Structure Reflect Owner’s Sculptor Background

Originally a 1920’s Sears catalogue house ordered and built by the previous owner, the new owner, a sculptor and potter, wished to expand and renovate to create a larger updated kitchen, bathroom , and a basement-level garage.  A third floor lookout was conceived to give a 360⁰ view of the 200 acre farm, which includes a silo and barn structures that were converted to storage and a workshop.

The existing house was restored to become the front of the house, with a new three-story extension built on the land sloping away from the back of the house. In the new section, an exposed steel structure allow for large glass windows to open up to the farm beyond. The exposed steel reflected the owner’s work as a metal sculptor, framing and setting off a large sculptural steel stair designed in collaboration with the owner and built by the owner in her backyard workshop.  The interior walls are lined with boards reclaimed from a local covered wood bridge, creating a warm and inviting space.

The renovation doubled the square footage of the house while playing homage to the existing and local materials.  The house fits in to the environment not only with the materials and massing, but also environmentally with extensive use of local and reclaimed materials, radiant floor heating powered by a geothermal system and photovoltaic panels.